Revitalize Your Brilliant Smile With Crowns & Bridges

Don’t feel like you’re stuck with a smile you can’t proudly show off to the world. Crowns & bridges in Vancouver, BC, are fixed treatments that can be used to address missing and damaged teeth. If your smile is suffering from either and you’re tired of hiding it, this restorative procedure might help return your grin back to its natural state- aesthetically and structurally!

What Are Crowns & Bridges?

Dental crowns are caps placed on decayed teeth or on top of dental implants to help your smile be more visually appealing and stronger. Bridges, made with metal, ceramic, or porcelain, are utilized to replace missing teeth by anchoring them onto healthy adjacent teeth to cover a gap. Crowns & bridges can be used to address several dental problems. Crowns can help:

  • Fractured Or Damaged Teeth: Crowns may help restore the structure and function of teeth that have been chipped, cracked, or broken due to trauma or wear.
  • Decayed Or Weak Smile: This service can be used to guard teeth with significant decay and halt further damage while restoring strength for natural biting and chewing.
  • Root Canal Treated Teeth: After receiving root canal therapy, our dentist may choose to apply a crown to cover and seal the treated teeth, preventing the spread of infection and restoring full function over time.

A bridge can replace one or more lost teeth. It has two crowns on either end, which fuse to existing teeth or dental implants. Bridges replace the absent teeth with prosthetics and may successfully close the gap where the tooth used to be.

What Does The Treatment Process Entail?

Firstly, our dentist will examine your smile to establish a treatment plan. A portion of your enamel may be strategically removed to accommodate the service. Then, a precise mold is created by taking impressions of your smile for an exact fit. While the permanent, customized prosthetic is being crafted, a temporary crown & bridge may be placed on your smile in the meantime. To help ensure performance and aesthetics, the permanent restoration is firmly placed onto the prepared tooth or teeth when complete.

Regain your confidence with the right restoration. Call Crosstown Dental to learn more about crowns & bridges!

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  • Cover teeth that are broken or misshaped
  • Prevent shifting in smile due to absent teeth
  • Improve confidence in your smile
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Enhance the functionality to eat, chew, laugh and smile!