Tackle Smile Pain When It Starts With Emergency Dentistry

If you’re dealing with severe dental discomfort and require assistance when it happens or outside of clinic hours, our emergency dentistry services in Vancouver, BC, may be able to provide the urgent care you need. Our soothing and friendly dental team strives to always tackle your oral health emergency with care and compassion so you can leave with a smile our practice with a smile on your face!

What Is Considered Urgent Dental Care?

Emergency dental services can deliver immediate care to pressing dental issues that need quick relief from pain to prevent extra damage and keep oral health intact. Here are common smile issues categorized as emergencies:

  • Intense Toothache: Persistent and strong tooth pain can point to infection or dental harm.
  • Fractured or Broken Teeth: When teeth suffer severe trauma, they may fracture, which requires swift remedy.
  • Abscess or Tooth Infection: Symptoms like swelling, pus discharge, and severe aches could indicate an infection that requires immediate care.
  • Soft Tissue injuries: Tears or cuts to the tongue, cheeks, lips, or gums might require emergency bleeding control to avoid infection.
  • Damaged Orthodontic Devices: Broken wires or brackets may cause distress or harm in the mouth, requiring immediate support.
  • Surgery Aftermath: If you recently had dental surgery and are experiencing severe pain, swelling, or bleeding post-operation, it’s important to contact our dentists for remedial care.

Who Is A Candidate For Emergency Dentistry, And What Can They Do For Care?

Patients who experience unexpected discomfort, swelling, or damage should seek urgent medical attention. Make an appointment with our Vancouver, BC, dentist so they can assess your smile and address these issues as soon as possible. Emergency dentistry may serve patients of all ages who require immediate dental care to help address and relieve pain and prevent future oral health problems. You can leave a message for our practice to contact the dentist directly in case of an emergency after hours.

Getting oral health support as soon as possible is crucial in all dental emergencies. Call Crosstown Dental right away for swift support!

Contact Crosstown Dental About Emergency Dentistry Today!

  • Receive same-day services
  • Ease fears of the dentist and oral health treatments
  • Prevent gum disease and spread of the disease to other teeth
  • Receive timely answers to your dental-related questions
  • Safeguard your smile for years to come!