Prevent Future Dental Issues With Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth often come through in the mouth between the ages of 17 and 21. They often need to be removed as they can cause several issues in the mouth and impact the smile. Early removal from our dentist in Vancouver, BC, can help prevent future oral health issues and keep your teeth healthy and bright!

What Oral Health Issues Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Address?

The removal of wisdom teeth includes taking out one or more third molars from the back part of your mouth. This treatment may help resolve the following dental problems:

  • Overcrowding: Third molars can lead to overcrowding in your mouth. As a result, overcrowding can cause misalignment of teeth and issues with eating and speaking comfortably.
  • Infection and Gum Problems: If wisdom teeth get impacted, they can trap food particles as well as bacteria, which can raise the chances of infection, gum swelling, and gum diseases.
  • Impaction: Removal of wisdom teeth is often necessary due to impaction, which traps the teeth beneath the gum surface or makes them grow in the wrong direction. This causes discomfort and infection and harms neighbouring teeth.

What Patients Would Need This Preventative Treatment?

If you struggle with impacted third molars, you may be an ideal patient for wisdom teeth removal in Vancouver, BC. As third molars often appear in young adulthood, many teenagers and adults are candidates for this service. This is because the roots reach their full size and are far more difficult to remove, and the risk of developing abscesses increases.

How Can You Care For Smile After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Proper care after wisdom teeth removal may support a smooth recovery and healing. Here are some tips to maintain your smile:

  • Avoid straws and smoking to stop potential problems like dry sockets.
  • Eat soft foods to lessen discomfort and stop blood clots from being disturbed.
  • Ensure gentle brushing and rinsing so the extraction site remains clean.

Have your third molars grown in? If so, reach out to Crosstown Dental to schedule your wisdom teeth removal and restore your smile

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  • Stops overcrowding between teeth
  • Reduces signs of tooth decay
  • Mitigate pain and tooth sensitivity
  • Stops misalignment from developing
  • Prevents gum disease from forming!