Display A White Smile With ICON Dental Lesion

What Is ICON Dental Lesion? ICON dental lesion treatment allows our dentists to treat white spots and demineralization hindering a white smile. This technique stops early tooth decay without drilling and saves healthy parts of the tooth which can make the process comfortable for patients. Our dentist begins the ICON lesion treatment by carefully removing the outer enamel layer, which blocks calcium and ions. This enamel is then substituted with a strong material matching your tooth's color.

Who Is A Candidate For This Cosmetic Service? Patients who typically qualify for this cosmetic treatment include:

  • Individuals With Early-Stage Decay: Patients who might need this treatment generally have early signs of tooth decay or white spots, showing that the enamel is starting to lose minerals.
  • Adults and Children: ICON works well for individuals of all ages. This makes it a choice for kids and adults who desire cavity care.
  • Patients With Dry Mouth: This cosmetic service can benefit patients experiencing consistent dry mouth.
  • Sensitive Individuals: Because it is a gentle and non-invasive method, ICON supports patients who are fearful about dental visits or those with sensitive teeth.
  • Patients With Cosmetic Concerns: If you are concerned about your smile, this treatment may be right for you because it discreetly repairs the appearance of teeth without showing any treatment traces.

Advantages of Choosing ICON Dental Lesion ICON Dental Lesion offers numerous benefits to patients seeking cavity repair, such as:

  • Improved Smile Esthetic: By matching the tooth enamel, ICON helps ensure that repairs are invisible and helps smiles remain naturally beautiful.
  • Prevents Decay Advancement: This treatment can stop decay from worsening by sealing off porous enamel. This may prevent future dental problems from developing.
  • Durability: The effects of an ICON treatment are long-lasting, protecting teeth from decay for extended periods and supporting overall dental health.
  • Versatile: ICON addresses early-stage cavities in patients of any age, accommodating a wide range of dental conditions.

Calling Crosstown Dental about ICON Dental Lesion may be the first step toward the smile you’ve always wanted!

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  • Preserves healthy tooth structure
  • Can last for a few years before needing a touch-up
  • Serves as a preventative measure against tooth decay
  • Typically performed in one single visit to the dentist
  • Improves the appearance of your smile!